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Thread: Newish round here

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    Newish round here

    As its rarther rude not to say hello will say hello.

    Am a user from the UK Little place called Dudley.

    Been on the net for for about 14 years (Showing age now)

    Got exeriance Modding Xbox,Psp, Pc Hardware and Software, Wii of course!.

    Been using Consoles for many years From the Dragon32 right up to todays next gen machines (Yes i know the dragon32 was not a console)

    Best loved machine of all time was my Amiga 1200.

    Even was given an old arcade machice with R-Type in by a good friend of mine.

    Sadly the Boards damaged inside.

    Anyway better stop chatting and get some work done lol
    Stoke me a clipper I`l be back for lunch

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    Welcome buddy >least someone post in the new members forum<


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