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Thread: Cannot play Rune Factory Frontier

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    Cannot play Rune Factory Frontier

    Hey folks, I have a Wiikey 1.9s with 3.2U with IOS 55 installed. After I had IOS 55 installed, I can play all my games except Rune Factory Frontier USA. I can get into the game, get past the manufacturer's name and the introduction, but after that, before I see any pictures, it goes into black screen and says: disc read error, please eject your disc and try again, or something like that. Anyone had a solution to this problem? Thanks

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    I tried un-installing ios55, and rune factory still doesn't work for me. I installed ios 33/ios38.. so im not sure why it doesn't work. I'm on 3.1u and using Gamma launcher .3
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    did you ever get the game to work?


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