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Thread: Menu 4.0U - Need help please

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    Menu 4.0U - Need help please

    Hi I'm new here. Sorry if this has been resolved or it's a stupid question:

    I have a 4.0U Wii that I just bought. Following many different tutorials (I'm not sure which ones anymore) I used Banner Bomb, and eventually got the HBC installed. Since then, I cannot get anything to work.
    There is soooo many answers out there but I cannot seem to find the right answer to my problem.

    I just want to be able to load backups. I have read you have to downgrade to 3.2, but using a cIOS downgrader I downloaded, it just resets the console. I try to install WADs and I get a "ERROR (ret = -2011)"

    I THINK I installed cIOS_rev9. Maybe I need to upgrade to 10? Although I'm not even sure I got 9 installed right.

    Like I said I am new here and to Wii modding, but I am not without experience in doing things like this. Any help or pointers would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

    EDIT: Maybe I can reformat and start over with a GOOD tutorial? How can I tell if/what cIOS is installed?
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    Anyone? Please at least confirm that I can format in the Wii menu and start over? I'm not gonna do that if all it does is delete the HBC. I would like to start from the beginning and find a better Tutorial but I don't want to mess things up more.

    I'm so confused. Xbox 360s are so much easier IMO. Please?

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    Please help. Maybe just point me in the right direction? I'm lost and there's soo so so so much info out there and I don't know what is good for me and what's not.
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    You and me are in the same boat, my friend.
    I recently got a new laptop with an SD card reader and I remembered the Wii modding scene and thought I'd try to jump on board. But everywhere I turn the information is incompatible and outdated. I can't seem to find a single universally updated source.

    I too have 4.0U and I have the Homebrew Chanel installed via BannerBomber but I can't seem to get things installed because I keep getting the same error as mentioned above. I'm not sure but I think my problem is that I need to downgrade but when I run the tool it just freezes at a black screen. Any help or information is greatly appreciated.

  5. #5 use this ... it worked for me! and i was gettin the same error when i first started tryin to mod my wii until i found this!

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    nice link, thanks. Hopefully I can find some answers there

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    I'm gonna try that tomorrow. Thanks.

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    let me know if you find anything, Pete.
    I probably won't have time to delve too deep until the weekend

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    Worked perfect, Otep! Thanks cbjones and the person who made that guide. So easy except I couldn't install Starfall, but I just had to run cios_fix.wad and the IOS downgrader again and it worked perfectly.


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