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Thread: Anyone else getting a forced system update?

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    Anyone else getting a forced system update?

    I tried to pop in original mario galaxy today and clicked on the disc channel. It tells me "Initiating system update" with only an "ok" button"

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    I have yet to see a game with an update that gave you the option. There is a way to say no, and that is unplugging your Wii. Or hold down the power button until it turns off.

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    If it were me and my Wii was modified I would just copy the game and take the update out of it and play it that way. I wouldn't update unless that was the last option.....

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    Yea sorry guys I should have researched more... I found out about brickblocker and wui or wiu or something lol.

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    if you have a modchip some support a option to block updates
    Wii with WiiKey2 downgraded to 3.2u. was black epoxy. (x2)

    Xbox 1 with mod chip and 160 gb hard drive up grade and ultra 133 harddrive cable mod.


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