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Thread: FYI:Metroid Prime w/ wiikey

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    FYI:Metroid Prime w/ wiikey

    I just tried out metroid prime.... when you start it up it asks to do an update and also saying something along the lines that if you have a modded wii it may break it... (not in those words)

    However i did the update anyways, and it worked fine....

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    Had to do something similar

    Made a Proper copy of it and a brick blocker version.

    This is for a PAL 3.0E firmware wii

    i put the brick blocker version (You know the one with the update removed)

    Got a black screen so swore at teh wii ;-)

    Booted up the backup untouched let it do a update for about 15% pulled the main out the back rebooted the wii.

    Then loaded up the brick blocker version and it worked fine.

    Dont even get that double channels problem
    Stoke me a clipper I`l be back for lunch

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    Good stuff to know..

    I should mention that mine was the NTSC ver...

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    My experience wasn't so good.

    Downloaded Metroid_Prime_3_Corruption_USA_Wii-PROMiNENT, burned at slowest setting for my burner ( 4x ). Tried with Nero first, updated Wii on insertion, then gives Disc read error when I tried to play. Burned again w/ imgburn again at slowest ( 4x ) setting... Still disc read error.

    Now, the worst part is.. After the Wii Update from MP3-C, none of my backups play.

    Running WiiKey... Considering loading the new WiiKey firmware (leaked) to test but gotta find a GC Controller.

    Any suggestions??

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    So what has been the verdict on this one does it brick or doesnt it brick the wii? using the prominent version of metroid prime with a wiikey

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    Well, got partial working again..

    I snagged the WiiKey config 1.2b disc from another forum ( it's the 1.2 config disc that works on a 3.0 updated wii ). Set some stuff on the WiiKey config and saved the config to the key... And VIOLA... I can play burned games again!!!

    Bad news.. Still no Metroid Prime 3.. I'm gonna try burning it again in a different burner ( at a slower speed ) and see what happens..

    Just wanted to give people a heads up on the fix for most of the problems I've had..


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    I have an update for you I updated my ntsc wiifirmware from v2.2u to latest
    then as normal took the game disc that was burned in nero 8x then placed it on the wii booted up now the game ask me to update once again I did it rebooted and been playing.

    Now here is something else the original wii key boot disc after version wii firmware 3 would not boot it gave me disc read error I fixed this by updating my wiikey firmware to version 1.9b beta leaked firmware

    extract the rar file burn your region iso file now place disc into the wii select disc channel on the wii and it will say something like press a to test drive do so when completed press a again it will update the wiikey when completed it will ask you to press any key and viola now your 1.2 disc works again
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    All better now... I re-burned at 2.4x on another burner, and Metroid Prime 3 is GOOD!

    I did upgrade to 1.9b on the WiiKey, but that didn't fix things. Now, I can't say for certain if it helped after the slower burn, but the slower burn absolutely was the final *key* to the puzzle.

    Hope my trials and tribulations help someone else...

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    I have a PAL Wii with a wiikey fitted. i managed to get a copy of MP 3 but i am unable to play it. i have burnt the iso 3 different ways

    1. ISO burnt with IMGburn at 2x using ritek dvd = asked to update
    2. same as above but wiibrickblocker used on iso b4 burning = black screen
    3. same as above but regionfrii used on iso b4 burning = black screen

    If i run the 1st burnt disk it asked me 2 update and i really dont want to risk bricking my wii.
    Has anyone been able to get this game working on a PAL Wii without having to reboot the system during the update?

    I really want to give this game a go but not willing to wait 4 the PAL release at the end of october, please could someone help?

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    I have Wii Key, with 1.9b firmware. my son bought Metroid Other M, and did the Wii upgrade (gasp) to 4.3U.
    Now the Wii console does not even recognize the disc at all.
    Any suggestions?

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