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Thread: Need Bootmii NAND dump please

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    Question Need Bootmii NAND dump please

    So, Bootmii Beta 1 is out, and I'm looking forward to unbricking my Wii with a NAND programmer. (already tried unbricking with Savemii, Starfall, ect)

    So I need a nand dump from somebody with an USA Wii that has Bootmii installed, so I can take the boot2 from it and use it to unbrick mine.

    Thanks in advance.

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    do u still need one?

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    Yeah, I'm still looking for one.

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    I have 2 bricked wii. One that whill crash after the "press A" and one that give's me a black screen. I tried everyting, replace bluethooth, wifi and drive.

    The only thing that can help me is a nand dump with bootmii installed on the boot2. Please can anyone send a nand dump with bootmii on it? I only need the first 8 blocks.

    I don't know if it matter, but both wii's are PAL


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