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    just got the PAL version of boogie (have an NTSC console) and it recognises the disc but after the warning about the wii strap it just freezes. Goig to try and patch with wiifrii PAL to NTSC and try again. The release that I have is by SPLiT Has anyone had any similar issues or have you gotten it to work? Maybe someone has a working version by another group? Anyhow, let me know. Thanks!

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    tried regionfrii and brick blocker and now the wii doesn;t even recognise the disc. So sad... this was one of my eagerly anticipated games.... any suggestions?

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    well, I have burned 6 copies now to no avail. I have tried doing each region NTSC PAL and NTSC-JAP and nothing... please in anyone has gotten this to work let me know!!!
    I am currently downloading another iso of the game done by marvel, hoping this works, sick off tossing discs! I know it's not terribly pricey, but annoying as hell!!!

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    It pains me to see no love.... is there NOBODY that has Boogie working!?!?!?!?!!

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    Boogie NTSC works on NTSC system now... no I did not use regionfrii, just got the NTSC version of Boogie

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    I got this version of Boogie "Boogie.USA.Wii-MARVEL". I didn't run the WBB and it seemed to burn okay but when I loaded the disc into the Wii, I got that message saying if you mod your Wii and update it, it might not work. I didn't update cause I got scared.

    This is what I have:
    Wii with Wiikey clone (I think it's a WiiFree).
    3.0u firmware.

    I disconnected the Wiiconnect in fear of bricking my Wii and have not played this game yet. I read somewhere if I disconnect the internet to my Wii and "pretend" to update, it might actually still work. Has anyone else had any luck with this?


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    you have an NTSC Wii and NTSC game... you will be fine with updates. That disclaimer is there because if you updated with, say the PAL firmware, there is a possibility that your Wii would get bricked.
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    Sweet! Now to hurry and try to get out of work so the wife and kids can play

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    Awesome, glad I can bring you happiness. Remember, update ONLY NTSC firmware for your NTSC wii, for this reason until the modding scene is more rock solid I suggest only getting NTSC game as well. I do also believe that once the newest firmware is installed you can safely play import games with THAT FIRMWARE OR EARLIER because the update will have already been applied.
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    It is also worth noting that if you have the 3.0u firmware, you have no new firmware to update. What it is probably doing is installing the drivers for the mic, also something you don't need to worry about. In fact for those drivers I don;t think it matters what region you update from.
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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