Hello. From Malaysia. Bought a modded Korean Wii and was told to be able to play backup Wii discs. Switched on, and it's english. Later I found out it was only soft-modded. and the firmware was flashed to US version firmware. Had some problems with it and I was very disappointed with the purchase.

I am thinking of adding a hard-modded Wasabi Zero inside. Do you think I will have any problems getting my Korean Wii to work, especially it has already being soft-modded to US firmware?

I am willing to give it a try though. Last nite I bought a Wasabi Zero and a replacement D2B drive (my drive has that black epoxy on it), and it should be on it's way.

If anyone have try this b4, please give me some advice and warnings b4 I brick my Wii.

Thank you.