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Thread: Japanese Games---->USA Wii

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    Japanese Games---->USA Wii

    Good evening. Just want to start by saying there is a lot of good information on this web site. With that out of the way I would like to point out that I have searched many a day trying to find some concrete information on my dilemma, but still no luck. I'ver read so many threads now to the point that I am confused on whats what. So here's my issue:

    -I have a USA Wii that I bought at launch and I recently updated it to 4.0u
    -I have original copies of Japanese games not burns or back-ups
    -I recently installed the HBC via Doggegg's guide to virgin 4.0's
    -I do not have a mod chip

    Is there a way I can play my Jap games on my USA Wii? What steps, preventive measures should I take? As I said above I read so many different things that I'm just confused now...Terms like StartPatch, Preloader, Twilight Hack and what not....Just so lost atm.

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    If you have HBC, you could try to launch your Jap game with Gecko OS.

    USB Gecko - Gecko OS and other tools to download

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