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Thread: Modchips and dvd lazer life

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    Modchips and dvd lazer life

    Always makes me smile this.

    Thought for you all

    Way back in the early 90s when the psx 1 was chipped sony issued a statement something about it shortens teh lazer life etc etc on the drive.

    They also did the same for the ps2 as well.

    Microsoft did the same for the xbox one.

    See a Pattern here eh.

    Wonder when nintendo will issue a similar statement....

    Any way truth is part of the story is true as it does shorten the life of your dvd laser.

    Think about this normal person with an unmodded console uses the console not for very long due to lack of games.

    But a person with a modded console will play a lot more on the console.

    Hence a lot more wear and tear on the console.

    Hence a slighty shorter self life..

    Common sense realy lol

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    Think so? I've been wondering if modding it really does shorten the lifespan of the lasers. Unmodded console owners don't necessarily play less, they just buy the games...not that modded console owners don't, of course we do...

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    It actually has nothing to do with how much you use it. It has to do with the fact that you are loading burned games. Factory games are pressed, essentially flawless (as far as we are concerned). Burned games are just that burned, written on the dvd with another laser. The Wii (or any drive on a modded console) does not have to compensate for as many errors on a factory pressed disc as on a burned disc. Burned discs have many more errors which the laser has to compensate more, therefore making the laser work harder, consequently burning the life of the laser a lot more. I have all of the above modded systems and none have ever died. I will recommend burning on the slowest speed possible. While this can be a pain (waiting, waiting, waiting) it will theoretically produce fewer errors on the disc being burned and subsequently lengthen the life of the laser on your modded console. So, in all honesty these companies aren't simply try to get you not to pirate their games... well ok they are... but the reason they give is perfectly legitimate and is not based on the fact that a modded console will be played more.


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