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Thread: If I were to play a copied game on the wii, Will i have to get a mod chip?

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    If I were to play a copied game on the wii, Will i have to get a mod chip?

    I understand what disk to use and stuff, but i want to know do i have to put a mod chip in my wii and void the warrenty just to play copied games.
    I mean copy as in copy the games from friends that already have them.

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    Yup, if you want to play ANY copied games that's not the original, you must get a mod chip installed like a wiikey or something. If not, your wii will not read it and you'll be unable to play it. Yea, it'll probably void your warranty with Nintendo since they'll probably won't fix a wii that you ggot fixed. So there are pros and cons with everything.

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    I agree with rabbitluver.

    You could always wait 12 months and see what happens your warrenty should have ran out by then.

    Then make a decision

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    You need to open her up, I am pretty sure. Do some searches online, I will give it a shot for you later, dinner now

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbovisjb1 View Post
    I hear that using Copy video games - Game Copy Pro, the most advanced video game reproduction software available works, but thats assuming that you own the game.

    this WILL NOT work for Wii originals.......just marketing....


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