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Thread: Homebrew works perfectly after 4.0 upgrade....Why??

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    Us Homebrew works perfectly after 4.0 upgrade....Why??


    I already had the Homebrew Channed installed on my Wii and then I upgraded the system to 4.0. The Homebrew Channel and all of my Homebrew Apps (Including the backup loader) still works perfectly.

    The only thing I did was upgrade from 3.4 to 4.0. After doing so....everything still works exactly as it did before.

    If this isn't supposed to work....then how do I have it working? I'm just curious as to how I have no issues when it seems everyone else does...

    I do have a WiiKey2 installed, but I don't see this as being part of the issue since the backups I am loading are from the SD card.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You must not of read anything on this site......because this is nothing new...

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    All I have read is that it definitely will not work.....but apparently it does. Instead of informing me of the fact that I have yet to wade through every post on this subject. You could have just provided a quick answer. It would have taken the same amount of time to type an answer vs. telling me what I know already.....


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    Updating to 4 doesn't really affect currently installed homebrew, the problem everyone was having was getting homebrew onto a sys menu 4 wii that had never had it. Thankfully that problem is now solved! The next big problem is going to be bootmii...


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