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Thread: FS: 1 yr old WII Modded with Wasabi 1 & Wii-Clip

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    FS: 1 yr old WII Modded with Wasabi 1 & Wii-Clip


    I'd like to sell my 1 year old WII:
    - Hardware Modded with a Wasabi 1 chip and a Wii-Clip
    - Original packaging and accessories included (controllers, cables, Wii-Sports game, etc)
    - It works great - most backup's boot-up directly, a few especially EA-Sports Games require you boot them up via Geck-OS
    - It has the Internet Channel and the Homebrew Channel installed

    My 4 year old son just never plays it.
    I'd like to just get what I paid for it. $350 + free US shipping.

    To protect all parties involved, we can do an ebay auction. I will create a buy-it now auction at an agreed upon date / time that you can bid on.

    Send me a PM to discuss.

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    You can not sell backups on this site. Kthxbai


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