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Thread: wii noob needs help with Read Errors?!?!

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    Exclamation wii noob needs help with Read Errors?!?!

    hey guys, any help would be apreciated
    ive got a pretty old wii with a Wii Key 1 with the SSBB update
    im on firmware 3.3E
    i have alot of burnt games which no longer work (i have noticed that these are nintendo games eg SSBB, SMG, Warioware, Metroid) and other games like Godfather and Red Steel. these all give Read Errors the disc must be ejected, SSBB totally crashes the entire wii making me hold the off button on the console
    these games worked like 6 months ago, and i have tonnes of burnt games which still work
    any ideas on why this would happen?

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    Get one of Ninty's disc drive cleaning kits.
    If that doesn't work, your drive is fried and you should buy a new laser.
    You can get one from for about $40.

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    so you think it is the lens that is the problem?
    i live in australia, are these things available here?
    can you manually clean the lens?

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    have you tried updating your cios's

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowlance View Post
    have you tried updating your cios's
    mate, i repeat im a noob
    what are cios?

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    You can manually cleanse the lens, that's what ninty's cleaning kits are for.
    Updating your CIOSs could also solve the problem, try that.
    You'll need an SD card, bannerbomb, and the cios36 dol file, google it up, there's tons of tutorials.

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    more help

    Quote Originally Posted by incraas View Post
    Updating your CIOSs could also solve the problem, try that.
    i have now updated to v4.0 via nintendo
    is that what you meant?

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    Uhh... no...
    You just screwed yourself over... now youre gonna have even more problems because of the bugfixes in 4.0

    But anyways, you said the games used to work, so what did you change since they worked?

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