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Thread: Help with usb hdd

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    Help with usb hdd

    Got myself a maxtor 500G hdd yesterday formatted it to FAT32 then split it into 2 partitons 150G i left FAT32 and the rest i let the ultimate usb loader 7.4(great loader downloads cover art for you) format to wbfs .I also downloaded usb loader channel works great.Now my problem is both my snes9xGX and genesis emulators which i have playing off DVD and mplayer mod 5 channel which i was watching divX from the SD won't read my usb what is the problem.Is it something to do with IOS202 if so how come the usb loader works fine.I've noticed my SD card is FAT not FAT32 any help would be great thank you please

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    Thanks for all the replies i've got the movies working off the usb hdd with geexbox but still can't get the emulators to read off the usb any help would be nice

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