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Thread: anyway to install burned disk to drive?

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    anyway to install burned disk to drive?

    i have burned a few games before, run well in the backup channel, i am thinking if i could install these games into usb drive?

    the ultimate usb loader does not recgonize the burned disk, wbfs does not recognize either.. any solution? Thanks.

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    You could try WBFS Inteligent GUI for the PC. It can take a disk and install it onto a USB drive using the PC's dvd drive.

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    If u still got the iso on your pc,as captain said get wbfs intel v6 gui and just drag iso onto wbfs which sends it to your usb drive,easy peasy.

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    i understand it works.. but the one i download seems to have something wrong,, still trying to figure it out why it cant load on xp

    for whatever reason, it does not read any of my burned disk.. and those disks all run good in the backup channel
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    Is you'r burned disc patched?
    if yes then: Sorry you can't copy it to your harddisk.
    Only 1:1 copies work, and some scrubbed versions, but no patched disc's

    A Wii disc can't be read by a pc. Only with a LG discdrive (use search to find out it's product ID)

    Suggestion: Can it be dumped to SD card, or thru LAN? using waninko's dumper?
    If this works, then you can use the WBFS application to copy it to your Harddisk.

    I hope this gives you some more information.
    Good luck

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    Just rip the disc back to your pc as an iso


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