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Thread: virgin 4.0J firmware, hacked and CIOS installed! now playing backups

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    Smile virgin 4.0J firmware, hacked and CIOS installed! now playing backups

    just wanted to post a success story.

    I have a japanese wii that I accidentally upgraded before hacking, and it was stuck at the 4.0J firmware with no HBC

    1. I followed starcubes guide when the bannerbomb was released. With it, I managed to get HBC and •HackMii channel installed, but any attempts to downgrade or run HDD loader apps failed miserably. So i went in search of a downgrade method, those also failed though.

    2. Found a different guide for virgin 4.0 firmware, over at forums...

    Followed that and presto, backup loader installed, custom CIOS loaded and backup dvd-rs being played fine!!

    You have no idea how fucking happy i am right now, because this had really been pissing me off.

    ps: burned downloaded isos from osx using DISK UTILITY set low speed, not TOAST as it gives some gay errors about CD data not being burnable...

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    yeah, errors are gay.
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    I have a Wii 4.0e with HBC upated to the newest nintendo update... Stupid I know but wanted to check out the SD viewer...

    Following the link above and viewing some of the other topics in the fourms They have a step by step guide on how to do it... well worth reading and trying for those who have updated to 4.0.. This is the only guide that I have found so far that works and links to all the RAR files needed... Thank you for pointing me to this great fourm..

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