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Thread: Soft Modded Wii + More

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    Soft Modded Wii + More

    I bought a Wii in Feb and soft modded it and played for like a month. However I havent touched it since so what im selling is:

    -Wii modded with the Twilight Hack + Stand
    1-256 MB SD Card
    -All original wires and cords
    -1 WiiMote and 1 Nunchuk
    -Charging Stand
    -USB Ethernet Adapter for the Wii + Ethernet Cord
    -Wii Sports
    -Sensor Bar

    $350 - Free Shipping
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    $300 + Free Shipping?

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    I'll give it one more try. 275$ + Free Shipping + 25 Blank Verbatim DVD's

    After this, i'll try ebay.

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    Man I didnt know it would be this hard to sell...haha

    I threw it on ebay. Starting bid at $150. If anyone does become interested just let me know.

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    I really think u would have more luck starting out around $200 when your selling your wii since they only sell in stores for $249.99. Your probably going to have to take a loss on it even though your wii is relatively new. Good luck and ill direct some ppl your way if i find any~
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