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Thread: A Handy Tool To Make Your Own Avatar Icons

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    A Handy Tool To Make Your Own Avatar Icons

    Here is a handy tool that I use to resize my pics to be used for avatars. The size required for this forum is 80x80. Basically download a picture to your computer that you would like to use for your avatar. Use this application found here: to resize it to the 80x80 format, and upload it to here by selecting on the main page of this site: quick links>edit profile>edit avatar. For all those who do not know an avatar is the picture located to your user name when you make a post.

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    Well I said this on the other avatar topic but thanks.

    That's great for anyone who doesn't know how to resize pictures

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    Cool, nice find...

    here is a similar tool... this basically lets you convert anything to anything for example convert almost any audio/video/image file to any format you want...

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    Great site, thank you. That will come in handy too for some of my other frequently used file formats.


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