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Thread: Issue with NTSC Games

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    Issue with NTSC Games

    Hi all,

    I have been reading around the forums but cannot find out what I need to do to get my games working.

    I used to be able to download any region game and burn it after the Brick Blocker and everything worked fine. Now I can only play new PAL games on my PAL system.

    All the old NTSC backups work but none of the new NTSC backups. I have tried region patching them and I have upgraded the Wii using the Internet to 4.0e and I still get the problems.

    I am using a PAL Wii with D2C 9wire chip with Wii-Clip. It is a D2C drive. I have no homebrew or custom IOS's installed as I have never had any need for them. I am assuming that the updates on the NTSC discs install some files required for these games but I don't know what to do to get these files installed manually or to get the games to work.

    I am asuming I need to install some sort of Custom IOS but I have no idea where to start. I have tried reading the tutorials but it is all double dutch to me and as I don't already have the Homebrew channel installed I don't believe I can do much.

    I would be grateful if somebody could point me in the right direction as it is driving me up the wall and my girlfriend really wants to play the Dance Dance Disney Grooves disc. I can't find a Pal version of it anywhere.



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    Make sure your mod chip is up to date.
    Check here:d2pro : Home

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    Thanks I have checked this and all seems fine. It seems to play all the new PAL games with no issues but it is just the NTSC ones so I am assuming it may need some form of IOS install


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