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Thread: Internet Channel won't Run without update?

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    Internet Channel won't Run without update?

    I am running HBC on 3.2E. My Backup Launcher runs fine as do most of the apps I have installed. However, I installed the internet channel via a download (not from shop channel as it requires an update for it to work?) I made sure it was multi region but once it loads it freezes up on the main page. I really want to get the internet channel up and running but I can't get a legit version without updating to 4.0.
    Is there any way around this or am I doing something wrong?

    With thnx.

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    yes there is a way i have same problem i download following files and installes its working fine now

    search them on the forum and download them and install through wad manager. does no matter which one first. dont need to uninstall previous version.

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    Many thnx will try and find it now! Thnx!


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