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    Talking Hi All

    I am new to the forum.
    I have had a wii for some time it has a wiikey2 with HBC and all was fine till I upgraded, HBC still worked but then I corrupted the HBC and had no way to install it again i am now on system 4.0E and looking forward to bannerbomb or bootmii to restore my wii to it's full glory

    just remember what ever you do have fun and oh if it isn't broke don't fix it I don't seem to remember that one to well.

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    Hi mcav - welcome to wiihacks! Please read the rules before posting, search any questions you may have before asking them and try and post in the correct section and you won't go far wrong...if you want priority support, the chance to win an NTorrents invite and a large cash prize then why not enter the Mario Kart comp? Hope you enjoy your stay here and thanks for introducing yourself


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