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Thread: Torrent Throttling

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    Torrent Throttling

    Whalesalad Tunneling BitTorrent over SSH
    Whalesalad Tunneling BitTorrent over SSH

    Shows you how to get around your pesky ISP throttling problems. Works great. I do suggest paying for it as it will generally be a lot faster and you will most likely not destroy a crappy "free" computer system doing the pay method since more will be invested in the server.

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    Very cool, I will have to check this out.... throttling is very common these days... a little too common..

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    Heard of this before yet to do it my self.

    My ISP is strange it throotles me from 4pm untill 12am lol.

    Not a problem realy as tell Utorrent to pause all torrent and continue after 12.

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    yeah, I am throttled all the time, and for 2 bucks a month I have unlimited downloads. i got Donkey Kong Taru jet Race in about 4 hours.... before it was taking me 4-7+ days to get a game... lame!

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