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Thread: Modchip help

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    Modchip help

    I need a little help in choosing a mod option for my Nintendo Wii. The current choices are a Wasabi DX , Argon; D2Pro, or Wiikey2 modchip. Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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    If you want to apply the modchip yourself, and you are inexperienced with soldering, go with the Wasabi DX. If you will pay somebody else to do the install, go with the Wiikey2. Forget D2pro and Argon. You might conisder DriveKey.
    (Wasabi is limited to 3x backup read speed and has no gamecube audio fix)
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    if ur wii is a newer one you may have a epoxy drive which sucks to mod with a solder in chip. drivekey may be better. but if you want to solder one in do the wiikey2.
    Wii with WiiKey2 downgraded to 3.2u. was black epoxy. (x2)

    Xbox 1 with mod chip and 160 gb hard drive up grade and ultra 133 harddrive cable mod.

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    Modchips recommended

    wiikey2, wasabizero, wasabidx with clip (all 6x speed with gc fix) for all wiis except d2e with epoxy or d3/d2nothing drives

    if your wii is an epoxy wii or d3/d2nothing wii..then drivekey or wasabidx

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