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Thread: Strange behaviour on ISO

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    Strange behaviour on ISO

    before going in to this I have searched pretty extensively to try and find an answer and all I can deduce is that since i have an incorrect filesize then I'm screwed

    However the reason for this post is I find this odd:

    I have a few ISO dumps and they are all the 'correct' size as found in many threads, 3 of them however are slightly smaller than the required size.

    I burnt all of them using Disk Utility on a Mac and ALL play absolutely fine.

    When I try to dump them using USB Loader 1.5 i get an error about not being a Wii disc.

    When I try and load them to the USB HDD using WBFS 3.0.1 I get corrupted text and a suppose size of 0.01GB, which it then fails to copy

    What I really would like to do is get them dumped on to the USB HDD and then I can safely store the discs, any ideas anyone?

    meant to add that the obvious answer (that I found all over the place when searching) is to do a new dump that is the 'right' filesize !!
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