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Thread: wii torrent sites(help please)

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    wii torrent sites(help please)


    this is my second participation in this forum.

    i'm searching for torrent sites and i heard that wii torrents is the best.

    but its impossible to register in wii torrents.

    is there any way in which i can enter that site??

    and thanks in advance

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    you need to be invited by someone who is a member of wiitorrents. I got an invite but it never went through so I never got in. Recently my ISP also started throttling my torrent bandwidth, so I am stuck waiting a week per download. Oh well, guess they are still free.

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    I will invite to black cat games forum if you invite me to wii torrent

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    As i said black cats have stoped invites

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    Thumbs up Torrents

    Good search engine is :: Your favorite Torrent reference!

    Also for wii covers and others try


    Oh and a good idea to use firefox with adblock plus installed stops loads of pop ups appearing.

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    I have 5 invites for wiitorrents.

    will swap for demonoid or any other good invites.


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    will swap you for ip torrents?
    Stoke me a clipper I`l be back for lunch

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    ok pm me your email addy and ill do the same

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    mr bloggs, i have bitsoup and also demonoid will trade for one of your wiitorrent invites... thanks, will pm with my email addy

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    Mr Bloggs, I also have a Demonoid invite code. I see I may but been beaten to it, but will P.M. you in hopes for a wiitorrents invite. Thanks, Blake

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