I bought my Wii in Europe but moved to Asia. Now I have only access to NTSC games and backups. Some of these work and some don't. I have installed a flatmod and have original 3.4E (PAL) menu/firmware.

My problem is that I do not have access to a reliable and speedy internet connection (posting this takes me an hour already). That means I can't download (PAL versions) of games.


The ones that don't work, give me a black screen after trying to load from the disc channel.

When I press "eject" to go to the "quick config" mode before entering a DVD disc game, I see that an update is required in the channel, which would probably solve the problem to play? But I didn't dare so far (although I have duplicate weather and news channel since flatmod....)

Now here my questions:

1. Is updating the issue to play the game? I just bought the Wii in March 2009 and the games read copyright 2008...

2. Could I / should I try to accept one game to update to make sure this is the problem? I have read that it will only semi-brick the Wii in worst case, which is possible to restore...

3. Should I just make the effort to change my whole Wii menu / firmware into NTSC, so I could conveniently update from a DVD whenever it is needed for a new game I bought.

4. Regarding the version of the firmware, I am only interested at this time to just insert a game and enjoy it together with my 8 year old daughter. I am an experienced IT user, but I don't want my daughter to brick the Wii on a Sunday morning when I'm still in bed....

That's why I purchased Flatmod. Insert -> play..... (at least for 50% of my NTSC discs now..., now the other ones.