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Thread: don't know what 2 do

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    don't know what 2 do

    I bought a copy of ratchet and clank from gamestop. when i tried 2 load it, it kept bringing me back to the browser. my ps2 is old and that might be it, but if that has nothing to do w/ the problem, what should i do?

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    if its a slimline ps2 try cleaning the lens with a cotton bud and alcohol just a small bit on the bud vodka or whiskey should do if its the old ps2 try a lens cleaning disc if that doesn't work bring the game back

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    i have a slim version, ive already traded 4 another copy, and my lens is clean. trust me ive looked several times. what problem could there possibly be.

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    Is that the only game that won't play.does it even give the please insert a playstation2 disc


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