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Thread: how to play PAL games on an NTSC

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    how to play PAL games on an NTSC

    I couldnt find a thread for this,

    but I heared that i needed geckOS or something,
    can someone tell me how to do this.

    my system is patch to the latest, will this be a problem

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    Well I installed starfall and did force ntsc but when I tried to play a pal game it still looked all black and white with the screen scrolling like crazy. Searched and found a post about using component cables as a solution. BINGO bought cables connected and now pal games play without problems. You can play pal but never update from a pal disc/game or you will brick your Wii.

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    I tried whatever you guys did. Depends on your output (TV type), you might be able to force it with either Force 50 or Force 60. Unfortunately, with NTSC tv output, you might get a steady image in black and white only. To some extend, either force 50 or 60 won't fix the problem. I have even tried to patch the region with region frii before dumping. However, none prevail. So, My suggestion is, go get NTSC games and you won't have these problems again.


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