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Thread: Wii Clip D2Pro Not sitting tight just falls off

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    Exclamation Wii Clip D2Pro Not sitting tight just falls off

    Hi There Game Masters..

    I have a leh194176437 wii which is d2c.

    i have tried to install a wii clip with a d2pro chip & no matter how hard i push down (all four corners at the sam time) it jusy keeps Falling off If you touch it a little bit it does light up blue and flash read but stil disc error comes up. have been trying to play just a normal Dvd for starts as I dont know if what Im Doing wiv down loading is correct, But that another storey for another thread!!! problems problems just to get cheap games A. I have attached a pictures because I not even sure if the right point are soldered because there is that many Different answers its making my head spin POINTS c,g,h,j ,gnd, 3v3 are soldered!!!
    Please help this cheap skate newbie, who is wishing he neve- went to to purchase item because they took 6 weeks to deliver the chip & I dnt want to wait 6 weeks for there reply to my email as I have had this problem for over a week now!! if i have to exchange it that'll be another month or so of my life wasted..
    sorry for the long ness Just wanted to be clear & a litle rant always helps me!!

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    you may have bent the pins on the clip look with magnifier to see you can sometimes bend them back with a pin GENTLY

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    cheers for your quick reply exupboy! I will have a look and get back to you. are the right points soldered??? c g h j gnd & 3v3? or does c need to be removed like some 1 has told me?? Nice 1 mate That has sorted the problem of it falling off I am now getting the blue flashing light when i insert the disc. But unfortunatley Im still get unable to read disc??
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    sorry cant say wether the points are soldered right i bought a pre soldered chip because i dont do soldering my eye sight isnt what it was, but i had a real problem getting mine to stay on it did the same as you described yours did, i bent the pins on my ic chip and on my clip, anyway 3 chips later finally got it to stay on if you do have problems i here the drive key is good its suposed to be fool froof no soldering just clip in the ribbon ,
    any way sorry i could not be any more helpfull.

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    My Wii does NOT play dvd's after a mod chip and homebrew install. Im think You gotta install homebrew and a dvd launcher or something. I use my xbox for dvd's and media streaming so I will probably not worry about it.
    Make a backup and try that.

    As for the soldered points; if your d2pro has a white serial sticker than u gotta solder d, e, f.
    If the sticker is yellow you should be ok. At least thats how I understand it.


    If you want my advice take that shitty clip and toss it. Solder everything. Its not that hard. Especially if you got a Yellow sticker.

    Looky here; I just went had similar issues with my wii bent a couple of pins on my d2c cause I pushed TOO HARD
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    o.k i think im gonna bite the bullet & try & solder it. I need to find something to practice on first, But im gonna go to town now & Buy the wire & A soldering iron. cheers for your help. I'll let u know how things go!! & nice one for the dvd comment cus i wud ov been shoving that in all day trying to get it too work!! lol
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    My practice happened on an old hard drive and went very badly untill I got the right shit together. The size of your solder tip/ wire/ and solder are at least half the battle.
    Get some 30 awg kynar(wire wrap) and some .22 solder and flux and some de-solder braid from the source (radio shack) and its all gravy after that.
    My new weller temp controlled iron went a long way aswell. Try and find a 15 watt iron; the 30 watter is way overkill.

    I got the shakes something fierce aswell; so I used a "helping hands" (some mounted alligator clips and a magnifing glass) also available at radio shack to hold the kynar wire steady in place. 5 minutes to get the wire in position and 2 seconds to solder it.

    Good luck!!
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    I sound like a freakin radio shack commercial!!!!!

    I hate that place! ;-)

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    Talking No more messing

    Thanks for the Advise on the sizes & stuff, i will use it.. But I live in the Uk so no Radio Shack. the Nerds Getaway here is Maplin!! But if it get the job done why diss it!!! but I will defo get sum clips & if you dont hear from me again it not because im rude its because i'll be to embaressed to say that I blew my wii up & am no longer any use to this site!! lol Thanks ever1 speak soon

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    Smile Good Luck

    Good luck,

    Hardwiring is the way forward, Never had any problems with hardwired mods.

    Let us know how you get on?
    Keep on trying... Never Give Up...

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