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Thread: wii games

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    wii games

    now i have the homebrew on my wii
    how can i put old skool games on my wii thru my sd card and were do i get them from plz any help

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    anyone can they help me on what i can do on my wii and also what are these invites to torrent sites all about

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    anyone elp me plz

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    Do a lil research! Google it.. what you want is an emulator, witch you can find at youll need to put the emulator and rom files onto your SD card in the appropriate folders, and then run through the homebrew channel

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    just what kind of game u want to play if is like nes and snes u need a emulator

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    iw ant a snes one with sum games anyone elp

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    btjunkie snes emulator roms google it


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