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Thread: Klonoa green screen

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    Klonoa green screen

    I'm having problems trying to play the NTSC version of Klonoa. I have a Pal Wii softmodded on 3.2E and trying to run this with the backuploader causes the green screen. Has anyone been able to get this running?

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    Select force PAL 50 on the config options and it should work.

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    i don't hv pal wii. yet, imo, ntsc Klonoa should be in proper display at component tv video connected. BKLauncher be fine, too. try ?

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    install cios 37 version 2, this will work , it worked for me .

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    Klonoa is a bit weird, use USB Loader GUI and have the AutoPatch option on, it works fine like that, otherwise you get a green screen on both the japanese and US versions.

    For the Japanese version I had to brickblock it and covert it to PAL and run it from the disc channel(I have a wiikey as well as softhacks), but you don't need that, just use that USB Loader GUI made by a bunch of people and play it through that.
    The game is only around a gig and a half or so, so even if you don't have a HDD format a flash drive or something to WBFS and play it

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    Just enable Force Pal50 or Force Pal60 in the config menu of ultimate USB loader and it works perfectly, that's all you need to do to get it working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingo110 View Post
    install cios 37 version 2, this will work , it worked for me .
    i tried doing this and i started getting dvd error 349 in the gamma launcher. i might try and set up the usb launcher and see if i have any luck with that. thanks.

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    in configarations try vid tv patch, i had the green screen on some other games, done this and it worked


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