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Thread: Newb trying to use Wii as media player…

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    Newb trying to use Wii as media player…

    Wondering if I can get some help with playing video files on my Wii. I guess I’ll start with some questions.

    1) It looks like there is free (or at a cost) software that will let you play videos one of two ways. Streaming over the air on your home network(PC to Wii), and via SD card(physically moving files from PC to card – then card to Wii). Is there any recommendations on the best software / freeware to use?

    2) It looks like the Wii can only play games at a 480i/p resolution. Is video the same way? Can I play a 720p file? Will it play 720p at a 480i/p res?

    3) Is playing media streaming laggy/choppy on playback? Would the best results come from using a SD card?

    4)When playing a file off the SD card, can it be larger than the Wii’s internal flash memory(512MB I think)?

    Thanks for any answers in advance! Any other additional information on the subject would be great!

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    mplayer ce


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