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Thread: Do your Homework

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    Do your Homework

    At the risk of being cussed out and bitched at I will say you all need to do your homework. People are asking (and PMing) a lot of simple questions like "How do I get a chip," or how do I download a game?" Really, google is an awesome tool and you can find answers to all sorts of questions just by scanning hits rather than asking for all the answers to be handed to you. If someone tells you a website with a tutorial, check it out, it will most likely have the answers you are looking for. If you are one of the people who has no idea what you are doing with burning games, modding your system, or anything like that this probably isn't the type of project you should start with. That being said... let the complaints and the flaming begin!!!

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    totally agree. I try and help where i can but you do get sick of answering the same questions, I am still learning as well and Google is my friend.

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    although googling it would bring this site up if it was discussed here in the first place would it not heheh i googled something wii related which is how i ended up here and i therefore chose this as a usefull googled resource, cant complain at that.

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    I hate doing my homework and I really hate when my mom tells me todo it! I am glad you guys have the same problem! I prefer playing wii all day or watching pr0n, oh god, i would love to do both at the same time. But homework, no thanks, not me! I think I ll copy it again at school tomorrow.

    Oh, damn this thread was actually about something different ... hmm.

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    wii pr0n? that would be something different i guess i dare not think what the wiimote addon for that would look like.

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    Have you ever played Metal Slug ... guess how you throw granades ...


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    Uhh..I say the opposite...Why not ask it here...This is where all the answers should be....I mean...If you are bothered by it all, then dont post....Dont flame those who ask...That's what I hate about XS. If you have the time to complain about something, then you have the time to help. Hehe..Now that being said...I agree...Perhaps some stickies....
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    haha well it is annoying when the anwser is laying right in front of their noses, and they still keep asking, i mean if you dont know how to download then why bother buying a chip

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    Then ignore it...and move on. :-)

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    yea well unfortunatly not everyone is a class A computer wizard like you complainers might be, some people have a wii, get online because they sparked an idea about a modchip and ended up here, its something about customer service, if someone has a question and you answer it, then the next customer has the same question, you cant tell them to go ask the previous customer or find someone else who hasn't answered it yet. Just be polite, make their experience just as you would like it to be if you had no past experience in a topic. But thank you for telling everyone that you are god, and you want to relax now that your at the top of your knowledge, while others have to slave at your feet to get where you are.

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