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Thread: weird usb launcher problem!!

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    weird usb launcher problem!!

    i have a 500 gb maxtor harddrive, i formatted a 20gb portion to a raw format using easeus portion master program. so after that using wbfs manager i formatted it to wbfs and put the game mad world on the wbfs portion of my harddrive and plugged it in. after booting usb launcher v1.5 it had me select a portion of my harddrive because it did not sense any wbfs drive.... so then i formatted the 20gb portion usin usb launcher and riped wii sports to tried it out, and it worked but when i plug into wbfs manager and try to put a game on my harddrive i get a error message that says not enough free space in temporary folder,choose another folder....also wii sport dosnt show up when i load it the harddrive in wbfs manager.... how do i fix this problem so i can transfer games via wbfs manager??? HALP!!!

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    did you select the right drive and extract the iso to your cpu?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ezmak View Post
    did you select the right drive and extract the iso to your cpu?
    umm i know i choose the rite drive in wbfs manager and when i formatted with usb launcher. and as for extracting the iso to the cpu, i dont know what you mean ??? could you tell me how extracting the iso to the cpu will make a difference and how to do that....
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    first connect your drive to your computer then you need to select that drive and press "load"... if you don't see your drive press the "refresh list" button then your drive should show up.... next on the bottom of the same side you will see four buttons {{DELETE, RENAME, EXTRACT ISO, CLONE}} click on the game file so that it is highlighted then click the button that says "extract iso" which will then create the disc image file to your unformated hard drive on your computer so you can burn that file to a dvd-r using any burning software at 4x speed... i use IMAGE BURN because its really easy to use and its free... and as far as the not enough free space in temporary folder all that means is that you need to create space in your hard drive and you need to delete anything you are not using to make more room for the 4.37gigs that is the .iso file... so your game file will be named something like "wiisports.iso" thats the file you burn to the dvd-r .... although once you create the .iso file you could play the game without even burning to DVD... but that we'll discuss once you figure this part out


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