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Thread: Wii Menu 4.0 Does HBC and BUL Still Work?

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    Question Wii Menu 4.0 Does HBC and BUL Still Work?

    So i read everything about the new Wii Menu 4.0, and about how yu cant install twilight hack anymore and all that.


    my question is, if i already have twilight hack done, and i have the Homebrew Channel, and i have the Backup Launcer and DVDx and all the wads i need and such, will the new Menu make any of that stop working? Or will i still be able to play my burned Backup ISO's and still get the benifits of HC card support?

    cause it would be nice to be able to use my 4gig SDmicro HC card on my wii.

    So is it bad to upgrade for me?

    and if its not, where coudl i download it, since my wii doesnt connect to my internet?

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    still cant find anything on this.

    anyone know?

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    Nobodys going to reply to you because it has been asked a thousand times and the answer is a search away.

    HINT: 4.0 Upgrade.

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    I went ahead and upgraded using the normal Wii system menu option (on one of my Wiis - I wanted to check it out) and everything is still there! Everything works the same - I was still able to add Channels and such - I installed USB loader after I upgraded...

    This is NOT a recommendation that YOU do so... I'm simply telling you how things went with my upgrade. I use a chip (Wiikey) so wouldn't be able to tell you specifically about backup launcher. I can say the Wiikey still works absolutely fine.

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    thansk for the info dex, yeah i hear chips still work great, its the backup launcer im worried about

    and to the other, i searched, but i was unable to find a thread answering the thigns i needed to know.

    but thanks for your thoughtful input


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