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Thread: Onechanbara on DriveKey audio problem...

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    Onechanbara on DriveKey audio problem...

    I finally got my backups to start working on my drivekey'd wii (thanks to you guys for the help) but then when i play onechanbara the audio disappears from the cinematic scenes...just for seconds at a time...i tried burning the game again and well...the audio disappears from different parts of the same cinematic but it still does...the gameplays fine though. should i download the iso again or should i burn at a slower speed? im already burning on 4x's speed with philips dvd-r's.

    any insights on this is appreciated. thanks

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    Thanks for starting a new thread for this topic.

    I always burn at 1X you could try that, I would also try buying beter dvd-rs, phillips arent that great of quality, but should work ok, I have used them and had ok results, but bought better because of advice from this site.

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    Does the video play without any jittering?

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    videos fine...just problem with the audio...


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