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Thread: Wii board still ok?

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    Wii board still ok?

    Hey everyone. I got a friend of mine to try to install my Wiikey, and he couldn't do it. He's pretty good at soldering, but when he tried to solder the wire to the one point on the board, that solder point dropped down, and now there's no little point there, just the green board. So, my question is: Is the board still ok? Will I still be able to install a mod chip, and have the Wii still work? Thanks!

    edit: I'll post a picture within the next 4 days or so.

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    I had a similar situation happen to me

    try using soldering flux, it can be purchased from any radioshack and its only like 4 bucks, it didn't work on mine, I ended up having to purchase a whole new wii, but atleast the games still work on the old one so I just gave it to my niece


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