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Thread: Starcube's Midnight Patch for Twilight Hack is in Development!

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    Starcube's Midnight Patch for Twilight Hack is in Development!

    As the title says, Starcube is trying to make a patch for the Twilight hack to make it compatible with the 4.0 systems. Check out his webpage here

    On his Twitter page he says he needs Wii devs help to make it.....

    Anyone think he can do it?
    I for one hope so, but i think it's unlikely.


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    Sounds like another waste of hope for the peeks on v4.0.
    And to make things worse more 1 time posts of is the hack done, going to
    work for 4.0, will it be available soon , and so on...

    Sorry but thats the way I see it!

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    theres always a way to exploit so there is hope for 4.0 to be hacked ive heard alot abot the working title exploit but it must still run from a game exploit of some sorts because you cant load a channel or elf from sd without not having a game or savegame before
    i think it will be sometime though twighlight hack i dont think this will work again need another game hack it will come ??


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