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Thread: any way to see if your iso is ntsc or pal

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    any way to see if your iso is ntsc or pal

    i was wondering if there is any way to check before you try and play it and brick your wii. i know most say it but i want to make sure it is so i dont mess it up. sorry if this in tut ive looked through them all and cant seem to find anything.

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    Download Region Frii and open up your ISO file. It should tell you. And the only way you can brick your Wii by playing an out of region ISO is if there is update data and tries to update your wii. Just use Brickblocker and it will remove any update data found on the disk.

    All of these programs can be found on google.

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    you can use WBFS manager to install the ISO onto a hard drive or ram drive (WBFS format). WBFS Manager will then tell you if it's NTSC or PAL and even which version it is (some games have more than one version/release). If you use USB loader 1.5 to load the games on the Wii it's supposed to make it region free - I play lots of PAL games on my NTSC wii with no problems.

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    You can use the WiiJunkies to see the NTSC or Pal in Wii Games.


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