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Thread: WiiKey 2 Problems (Specific Wii Games Mentioned in thread)

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    Exclamation WiiKey 2 Problems (Specific Wii Games Mentioned in thread)

    Hey Guys,

    sacksmosh here. I just got my Nintendo Wii modded with the WiiKey2. I have a burned copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and it was a custom textures version. I popped it in the wii and it asked for an update. I thought "Oh what the heck...why not" So I did the update and and error occurred saying something like "Update could not be completed" or something. Then I turned off the wii and turned it back on again. "The system files are corrupted" it says. WTF! So i take out the disc and turn it off. I put in a copy of Sonic and the Black Knight. The wii works fine! Problem is, this failed update has installed two messed up duplicate channels. One japanese weather channel, and one English News channel. They both don't work I then tried my english DVD9 version of Brawl. Its a dual layer copy I burned on there. It works fine...until the loading screen. Brawl normally starts up with a small spinning icon in the bottom right-hand corner. Then after the loading screen, the wii freezes at a white screen!!! Then I tried my burned copy of Super Mario Stikers Charged, it asked for an update. The update almost finished, until another error came up. This error didnt install another set of channels. It wont allow my wii to recognize that one game anymore(The backed up copy).

    Heres My Specs

    Wii OS = 4.0U
    WiiKey 2 Firmware = 1.2

    I want to know what happened. I want to remove the duplicate channels! It pisses me off. Especially the fact that I cant play brawl anymore. I hear that you have to do layer break for brawl on a Dual Layer DVD9 version. But I need to know every single solution for this. Any help guys? If so, can you put all help in step by step form. If any downloads can you put working links?


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    the duplicated channels were bonused to u, as a result of out-of-region games updated ! (played jap & pal games on usa console.)
    at 4.0u, i see no chance u could delete it atm; as removing it need to patch the SystemMenu via hacking. ( duplicated channel remover ,correct me, if am wrong.) But, u could apply wiimote, managing to move those un-wanted channels to last page of Wii screen. out of sight, out of mind.

    while u expected to play SSBB_usa in D9 dvd+r copy, yes, layerbreak need be set.

    pls serach the key words for more detail. goodluck.

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    Thumbs down hello sacksmosh

    It great that you used the introduction thread for introducing your issues...lets not post again like this....your actual post belongs somewhere else think....

    lets see..I n t r o d u c t i o n s ....hmm what does that really mean....?

    duh... I don't care I'll post my issues anywhere...

    we have better things to do than to clean up stupids posts all day long


    btw you better read the rules here before you post it seems you would like to be served hand and're freaking dreaming

    R.R 14 days to read up..Do not pm a have no perks are not a mk contestant or supporter

    set up a new account ...permaban
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