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Thread: FW 3.0 softmod advice

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    FW 3.0 softmod advice

    Hi bought a wii with a 3.0 FW and I will be installing the HBC via twilight hack. However after doing so I would like to upgrade its FW to either 3.3 or 3.4.

    Which one shall I upgrade on? and what do i use to upgrade to 3.3 I saw somewhere that there is a waninoko firmware 4.0 updater and firmware downgraders, is there such updating to 3.3?

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    Neither :D

    actually i personaly think that 3.2 is the best because u can install starfall and 3.2 can still play some new wiiware games (may need to install like IOS5.wad via wad manager)

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    3.2 is the way to go. I wouldn't go any further than that for now anyway.....

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    after the successful installation of hbc, do Waninoko firmware_4.0_updater. u'll be able to enjoy latest games, plus the merits of hacked options.

    notice: not to proceed 4.0 update via wifi !! Take the Waninoko.

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    Unhappy stuck on wii 3.0u

    Im having a hell of a time getting back to 3.2 on my wii. I just got it back from the shop after they replaced the board for free. But they installed the 3.3v2 on it. I downgraded to 3.0 got my homebrew channel back on and had a hard time with the dvdx but did it. Now I still cant play backups nor update back to 3.2. Can anyone help?

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    First off you can play the new games on firmware 3.2 I have had my firmware at 3.2 since may (when I hacked it) and I have no reason to update. Now if you are looking at more hacking options dealing with the system menu, then update even higher.


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