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Thread: WBFS 500 Game File System Limitation

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    WBFS 500 Game File System Limitation

    I found out the hard way that WBFS has a file system limitation of 500 games. Yep… no matter how large your drive, it will hold 500 games. The average Wii game size on the WBFS drive is about 1.71g so on a 1TB drive you’ll have almost 80g left over you can’t use.

    WBFS Manager 2.5 and 3.0 have bugs and will tell you the games were added to the WBFS drive but they actually aren’t. If you try to add games from the DOS version of WBFS you receive the following:

    no space left on device (table full): No error

    So… There doesn’t seem to be any practical reason to go any larger than 1TB for your WBFS drive.

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    You really have 500 games on a HD? damm didn't think there was that many worth playing

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    you could partition the drive and use it to store films or roms and stuff so its not completely wasted

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    sure , i see. thanks you

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    only 500...... i don't think i could live without all 3 us, eu and jap versions of every game i could ever want to play on my hard drive......... right thats it i'm never using the hard drive again

    is there even 500 titles for the wii?

    Why are you reading this? its always the same!!


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