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Thread: Accidentally downgraded to 2.2 :/

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    Accidentally downgraded to 2.2 :/

    I was following this tutorial and accidentally downgraded to 2.2 instead of 3.2... I tried to upgrade to 3.2 straight after (as the desc says you can up/downgrade using it) but it just fails for every firmware.
    I managed to get back got 3.1 by using my Wii Fit disc but I still can't get to 3.2.

    Can I run backups still using 3.1E? If not how can I get up to 3.2? The only games I have are Zelda and Wii Fit.

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    m8 have a look at this guide here

    I have used this and it has worked everytime. I have even used this guide to go back to 3.2e from official 4.0e twice !


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