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Thread: Tatsunoko vs Capcom didn't really work...

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    Exclamation Tatsunoko vs Capcom didn't really work...

    Hi I have a wii vr 3.3U I'm noob to this so...

    Backup laucher gamma 0.3 didn't work at first so

    I change the config option

    boot lang; japanese
    force pal60 no
    force ntsc yes
    force pal50 no
    vidtv patch yes
    hook type wii pad
    ocarnia on no

    and reboot on hook to original nintendo disc channel and it worked...( and even show tatsunoko vs capcom opening wall paper thingy)

    but the problem is it won't play, instead all bacl and shows ""Japanese text"" said ( unable to read the disc, please read nintendo wii instruction manuel for more detail...) in japanese btw... in u.s wii.

    so Do i need a region free soft or what?? help pls?

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    no need to double post

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    sorry just lagged...

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    im not to sure man i can pllay the game on my wii 3.2U with gamma loader .3 all i do is brick block it and run it using the back up loader you could try the new gecko os to see if it works better for you but i know that 3.2U is the most compatible version

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    ask a mod to close one of them down

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    tell me more about this brick block thing, how do I use or install it?

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