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Thread: dvd read error 361 & 324

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    dvd read error 361 & 324

    Since a few days, my WII completely screwed up, for a me unknown reason.

    Up till 3 or 4 days ago, I had a perfectly running WII (homebrew channel;, but also a Wasabi DX), which allowed me to play AND original nintendo DVDs, but also copied backup DVDs (I'm using Sony DVD-R spindel, and up till today I haven't had the slightest problem with these media, so please do not tell me that I'm using incoompatible DVDs, as I said last week everything ran as smooth as possible).

    Latest friday, I switched on my WII, and during boot I got following error (immediately after pressing the A in the boot procedure) :

    An Error has occured. Press the Eject button and remove the disc, then turn the WII console off and refer to the operations manual for help troubleshooting.

    This error occurs both when starting an original or a backed-up game, and indeed the only option is to reboot the WII.
    Whenever entering a disk in the 'original' WII menu, this same error appears.

    Fortunately, I also have a homebrew channel. When booting the WII without a DVD in it, and starting the the HBC, I can, via my backup launcher try to start a game: entering a disk being in the HBC does not hang my WII, and I can even try to start the disk via the backup launcher.

    Unfortunately, 2 different behaviours :

    an original nintendo game -> dvd read error 324
    a backed up game -> dvd read error 361

    Probably it has to do with my wasabi dx, but as I said, I played several weeks without any problem, up till last week, and I avoid to get it out of the WII, because I don't like to reopen it too much...

    Anyone experienced the same problems or has some advice on how to get it back up and running ???

    Thx in advance.

    Some versions :
    Homebrew Channel 1.0.1 IOS36 v4.18
    WiiGator Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma, IOS 249
    Wii System Settings : Ver.3.2E

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    had the same thing happen to me and i cleaned the laser with a dvd lens cleaner and hasn't messed up since...

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    I followed the advice of unr007d, but that didn't solve the problem.
    Thus I removed my wasabi, and at least I could read again official nintendo dvd's, but in my homebrew I still got the dvd read errors.

    I re-installed the wasabi dx, and believe it or not, everything works again as before.

    Thanx for all help

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    no point saying thanks, as no one did much

    sometimes the most simple things work the best (not saying taking apart your wii twice is easy )

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    wasabi is spicy; make u choking if playing too much.


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