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Thread: D2ckey and gamecube games

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    Talking D2ckey and gamecube games

    hi guys n gals
    just got modded pal wii with d2ckey installed and running 3.4e
    all wii games run fine no problems but having quite a few problems running gamecube games? even pal oneS
    can get all gamecube games to bootup and when comes to starting game i get nothing else, blank screen,is there anything i can do to get them to work,install update maybe missing some files? all game work on friends wii so images are ok,was thinking of getting lg 8164b dvdrom drive and ripping pal originals thinking they would work?any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as dont no why they do not work,also understand about compatibility issues,some games will not straight boot and I can get them to boot with gcos boot disc and still get blank screen
    tried all different types of boot region settings etc on gcos but still no good
    i have had 1 pal game working warioland and works everytime,was only small file about 300meg
    thats about everything i can tell ya,wish there was more
    thanks for reading cheers ta

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    glad i came across this having the same problem...i have wii menu 3.2 US and when I try playing my gamecube games...all i get is a black screen? any help?


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