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Thread: Emulator works but i can't find the roms

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    Unhappy Emulator works but i can't find the roms

    Hi this question has maybe been asked befor but i can't find it.

    I have a DVD filled with roms and a emu on it. When i put in my wii (i have wiikey2 installed on it) it loads and i go in to the normal wii channel and start the emulator. I get to the screen were it says Boot DVD so i press it with GC controll like im supposed too. Then the strange part comes i get a message saying "20070213 OK" then the cd makes a sound like its searching for the roms but i end up coming back to the start screen with Boot DVD & Credits.
    Please help / cheers!

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    try installing dvdx

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    is this the 2500+ emu and games pack. if it is you would need a gamecube controller to be able to play it.
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