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Thread: NOOBIE USB Loader questions :D

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    NOOBIE USB Loader questions :D

    Hi there,

    Sorry again for the questions but again hoping that someone can clear this up for me.

    FANTASTIC i have usb loader 1.5 installed and WBFS 3.0 i have transfered some of my backups to the portable hard drive and ran USB loader and everything is working a treat. but the questions i want answering are :

    Using usb loader will it load both pal and ntsc
    will it stop new games trying to update my wii
    is there any chance my wii could get bricked

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    I imagine PAL games should work, though I haven't tried any. I would install StarFall to stop any auto-updates from games. I haven't seen any situation where Bricking would be an issue with the USB loader, I am dealing with the USB Loader as a low-risk hack.

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    USBLoader scrubs the games as they are installed to the usb drive,I verified that when I bought GH Metallica, the game wanted to do an update from disc channel, but when I loaded game from USBLoader there was no update.

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    Thank you for your replies. i have starfall installed already so should be cool to go. I have a pal system and as yet have not tried any NTSC games but will maybe give it a go as there are some games i would like that are not in PAL format.

    I thought that they scrubbed the games as the iso's are usually 4ish gig but transfering them to the usb drives really shrinks them. i thought i was going mad cos for instance mario kart ended up around 1.8gb on the drive from 4.5gb so massive disk space saver

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    Pal ntsc

    I can play both types (PAL NTSC) without any problems! Not a technology genius but I assume a PAL game will play using the PAL TV format and the NTSC with the NTSC format, so whether the game works or not is not down to your Wii or HDD but your television itself. as PAL uses more lines than NTSC so if your TV supports both types then your good to go! (I beleive so any way)


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