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Thread: Best 4th gen mod?

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    Best 4th gen mod?

    I've been trying to figure out which 4th gen mod will be the best for an epoxied wii.

    I've read that the Drivekey has some issues with games that are scrubbed. Several of the copies I have were the scrubbed version, and I don't really care to make new copies. I saw that some people experienced this issue while others didn't.

    I also saw that the pre-soft modded wii's have some issues with playing original games after installation of the drive key. I did do the twilight hack to install HBC and WAD manager, so does this constitute the soft mod that people are having difficulties with? Also, I don't have any gamecube games and don't plan on getting any, so this probly wouldn't be an issue anyways

    I am definitely going to do business with canada mods again because of their previous help, and they currently have the Drivekey for $50 and the Wasabi DX for $70. I didn't read as much on the Wasabi besides that it also suffers from the 3x disc speed and also some problems with SSBB (which I don't have and don't really care to get).

    Are there any advantages of one over the other (especially to justify the $20 difference)?

    thanks for all the help
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